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Causes and solutions of water insulation of solar water heater

2022-04-22 管理员 Read 302

The reasons why the water of solar water heater is not hot are as follows:

1. There is a protective cover above the water heater, or there is a large amount of local air smoke on the surface of the collector.

2. Step 2. The upper valve is damaged or not closed in place, so that the water tank is in a slow upward or downward leakage state, and the hot water in the water tank overflows or leaks.

3. Poor water quality. The existence of vacuum tube scaling reduces the heat collection efficiency.

4. The local air pollution is serious, and there is dust on the surface of the vacuum tube, which affects the heat collection.

5. All the hot water in the water tank is used up, that is, there is no basic water temperature, the capacity of the water tank is small and the water consumption is large.

6. Cloudy, rainy and foggy weather, low irradiance or short irradiation time.

7. There is dust on the surface of the gas collector. Remove and assemble the collecting pipe and clean the surface with a small amount of water.

8. The vacuum degree of the gas collector decreases, and the vacuum degree decreases. The new vacuum tube needs to be replaced and cannot be used continuously.

9. There are few quality problems in the insulation layer, but they still exist, that is, there are large foam holes in the insulation layer. The probability is generally less than one thousandth. Consumers must choose brands or manufacturers with good quality.

10. The original solenoid valve of the water level controller often cannot be installed or programmed or control the water supply. The water supply is too large or mixed with the cooling water pipe. This situation requires professional personnel for debugging and maintenance. The damaged parts shall be replaced in time to avoid affecting the use.

11. Leakage may also occur.

If the water temperature and water level gauge with automatic water supply function is installed, once the solar energy leaks, the solar energy is generally debugged during the installation process, mainly the water level gauge. As long as it is tested, the probability of water leakage is very small.

The solution is as follows:

1. Shield removal or solar energy conversion;

2. Replace the water ball valve;

3. Clean the vacuum tube;

4. Clean the surface of vacuum tube and grid;

5. Replace large capacity water heater or install electric heating system;

6. Analyze the weather and pay attention to the amount of water on the water heater; 7. Start the auxiliary electric heating device in the solar water heater.