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Solution of water supply knowledge of solar water heater

2022-04-22 管理员 Read 335

Water supply time of solar water heater:

For the water supply time of solar water heater, the best choice is to supply water before sunrise or two hours after sunrise when the non high temperature air is dry. This is because the collector plate of the solar water heater can quickly collect heat and keep warm. Therefore, if the solar water is heated in high-temperature air, it is easy to cause failure because the water temperature is relatively low and the solar temperature is high, because f temperature difference is large.

In daily use, the water heater should be heated for one sunshine day as much as possible after water supply, so that the long sunshine can maximize the water temperature. If you supply water immediately after using water that night, it is easy to affect the water temperature the next morning, and then add water later. After bathing in winter and spring, if half of the hot water in the water tank of the water heater is between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius, it should be filled up that night to prevent overheating loss.