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Some experience in the use of solar water heater

2022-04-22 管理员 Read 304

Myth 1: solar water heaters cannot be used in cold areas with insufficient light

Lack of light is indeed a major enemy of solar water heaters, but with the progress of heat absorption and insulation technology, solar water heaters can still appear where there is lack of light. The heat absorption performance of solar water heater is closely related to its vacuum collector. The collector tube shall be able to absorb visible light to the greatest extent, and the heat collection performance and stability can be compared.

In cold weather, solar water heaters not only face the dilemma of insufficient light, but also overcome the dilemma of tube explosion related to vacuum tubes. If the power of the vacuum tube is greater, the solar water heater can still provide continuous hot water in alpine areas.

Myth 2: in the continuous rainy weather, the solar water heater will "stop cooking".

Most solar water heaters are now equipped with electric heating, which also reduces the impact of the weather on them. According to my personal experience, in rainy days, the water temperature heated by solar water heater is estimated to exceed 30 degrees. Generally speaking, the hot water we use only needs about 40 degrees. When taking a bath, you can turn on the electric heater, and the water temperature will soon rise, much faster than the electric water heater.

Myth 3: if equipped with electric heating equipment, there will be safety risks.

The inferior solar water heater lacks the protection function of electric wall, and its safety performance cannot be guaranteed after being equipped with electric heating. For this reason, the solar water heater should work on the wall.

Myth 4: solar water heaters are expensive

Compared with electric water heater or gas water heater, the purchase cost of solar water heater is generally slightly higher. However, from personal experience, its use cost is the lowest of the three.

From the perspective of energy, the use of non renewable natural gas in gas-fired water heaters not only pollutes the environment, but also costs high. However, the electric water heater has high power and small water storage capacity. If you want to get water at any time, you must keep the electric water heater online at any time, which will cause a great waste of electric energy. The solar water heater adopts clean solar energy and has low cost. Even with electric auxiliary heating, the heating time is short and the power consumption is relatively small.