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Compact heat pipe solar water heater

Product parameters

Water tank parameters

1. Food grade stainless steel liner is selected, with thickness of 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm

2. Hole spacing: 75mm, 80mm

3. Water tank volume: 100L, 120L, 150L, 200l, 250L, 300L

4. Applicable support angle: 27 degrees, 38 degrees, 45 degrees

5. Holding time: 72-80xiaoshi

6. Equipped with electric heating, anode magnesium rod, temperature control probe and P / T valve


Product advantages

Product advantages

1. The integrated pressure solar water heater mainly adopts superconducting tube for direct heat exchange. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, strong pressure bearing capacity and high reliability. It is especially suitable for use in cold areas. It does not freeze and operates well.

2. It can be connected to water consumption devices such as electric water heater and gas water heater.

3. The system operates under pressure and has a large amount of heat output

4. Easy installation and maintenance